spiritual necklaces on models hands



    When it comes to creating art that resonates with the spirit, John Farris has taken a pioneering step. Introducing the collection of Vibrational Necklaces - masterpieces that don't just rest on the body, but interact with it. These necklaces are more than just beautiful ornaments; they are finely-tuned instruments of energy, designed with the intention to elevate and harmonize one's personal vibrations.

    Each necklace in this collection is a result of John Farris's dedication to craft and keen understanding of metaphysical principles. By meticulously selecting materials, colors, and designs, John infuses every piece with energy meant to enhance the wearer’s vibrational frequency. As you wear them, these necklaces work in tandem with your personal energies, amplifying positive vibrations and dissipating the negative ones.

    For those on a spiritual journey or simply looking for a unique piece to uplift their spirit, John Farris's Vibrational Necklaces offer a harmonious blend of art and soul. With each necklace, wearers don't just adorn their body; they embrace an aura of positivity, balance, and heightened spiritual consciousness. Every twist, turn, and dangle is a testament to John's vision of creating wearable art that transcends the physical, touching the very core of one’s being.

    Step into a world where jewelry meets the soul. Let the Vibrational Necklaces by John Farris be your guide on a transformative journey of self-discovery and elevated consciousness.


    "Wishing you and your loved ones all the best during the Holiday Season."
    - John Farris, Sedona . AZ 2022