John Farris

Contemporary Visionary Artist

John Farris is a contemporary Visionary Jewelry Artist working with Precious Gemstones, Natural Crystals, and Boro glass.  John’s studio is situated in the majestic heart of Sedona, Arizona. 

John’s Professional career began in Northern California in 2010, where he realized his gift for creating Beautiful Adornments that are hand spun and woven with Sterling Silver and Gold filled fine wire.  John’s pendants organically unfold purely from his intuition. He makes no designs plans. Each gemstone or crystal is meticulously enrobed with heart opening, sweet energy to activate vitality and wellness.  His pendants have been independently tested by radionics instruments that measure the life force vibration of objects. His creations have been given the rating of “self-sustaining vitality.” This means they are emanating stable and vital energies. The weaving and coils act to amplify the crystal he chooses for each of his pendants. Clients comment on the Positive Tangible feelings from them and the sensation of wellness while wearing his pieces. John’s motivation as an artist is to be of service to the world by creating Beauty while uplifting the Soul. In this way, John hopes to inspire others to reach their highest potential.

John’s custom designs are sought after and Internationally recognized. His works have been featured in Andrea Smith Gallery, Atlantis Gallery, Peace Place, Crystal Magic, the Melting Point Glass Gallery, and many others.  In 2018, he was awarded an exclusive teaching role at the “Artist in the Classroom Program” in Sedona, Arizona. John is also exhibiting, as a contest finalist, ten pieces of his exquisite work at the Artistar Jewels contest during the 2019 Milan Fashion Week.


John Farris’s designs are full of light and hope. His latest expansion has been Boro glass torch work, paired with found wood, created into larger glass sculptures.

Chech out


"Life changing acquisition: living technology by  Farris of Farris Jewelry Sculptue. This creature has shifted my consciousness significantly already, and it hasn't been 24 hours yet."

Charis Melina Brown

"Love the piece you did for me, Farris... I'm getting ready to officiate that wedding soon, and can hardly wait - I feel like a Goddess! Waves of appreciation."

Tessa Alburn June 13 2014

"She is home and I love her so much! Thank you from my heart John Farris blessings!!"

Malin Thell 

"Received my two gorgeous pendants I purchased ♥ will be photographing them soon ♥ beautiful work! Upon testing they both clear well into self healing vibration levels and contain no negative thought or destructive frequencies. Very pure! Thank you!"

Kelly Vivace


          "Felt her amazing Enery and Protection"

       Olivia Soleil

         "It's arrived John!!....Thank you sooooo much it is extremely powerful

                    and I can feel it pulsating through me......xxxxx"

                           Caroline Darmanin Dec 18 2013

                                                                                    "So love your work John - I am enjoying my piece                                                        and I am looking forward to getting another one, a dark one".

                                                                                                                          Rebecca Helgesen

                Ahhhh, Farris, my sister loves the pendant!! Thanks.

                                                                      Linda Ingals

John, I've heard about you're awesome work and have had the privilege of seeing a few pieces. Thanks for all you do!


I feel aspects of the multidimensional selves of the people that will seek out these items worked with you to create them. The amulets will help people remember energetically their own power, creativity and connection to the earth and the cosmos. With the green torus I feel a Polynesian male associated with it. Some feel more elven, some feel more fairy/naturey/elemental, some feel more angelic, some feel more galactic, and some just feel like light energy. They are each portals that magnetically pull and draw energy to the person who wears it. If a person does not feel energetic wearing a particular item, it is because it is not meant for him or her. Not feeling something provides an important contrast, so when a person does feel something he or she knows the difference. When a person is unsure if they feel something it is good to count that as not feeling it, to avoid frustration/confusion. People's higher dimensional aspects requested you to make the amulets for them. Aspects of their higher selves want you to be compensated fairly so you can eat healthy, travel and obtain the things you need. You respond to a calling and you provide a valuable spiritual service to seekers, wayshower, guides and those who choose love. You need to follow the messages of your own heart to find the people who called out to you. Those higher selves planned on you following your heart and picked a path based on where your heart would take you. If you feel like hiking, hike; if you feel like going to the grocery, go there; if you are called to the top of Mauna Kea, that is where you should go. Your heart if the compass that all the guides of other people are working off to guide you, to help support them.

Scot Holiday

Hi, John.  I met you last year at Contact in the Desert where I purchased one of your magnificent pendants.  I absolutely love it and want to tell you it's a showstopper.  Every time I wear it I am constantly stopped by people who want to bask in it's energy!  Thank you for such a powerful gift. -Mary Louise

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 "I've run across alot of artisans out there for wire wrapping jewelry. John, is by far, the best of the best out there! He handcrafted two amulets for me. One with mixed metal wire (silver/gold) with a beautiful black raw Shungite. And the other amulet, an amazingly beautiful Hematite. It too is handcrafted wire wrapped in silver/gold. Both the Hematite and the Shungite were handpicked by John personally! Both are simply stunning by a master at wire wrapped jewelry! See for yourself John's exquisite workmanship! You'll definitely agree!"  Elmm Wells~

John! The Brazilian came in yesterday.

What a magnificent piece of light. 

It is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, and I feel the energy penetrating my heart chakra as I wear it. I feel the magic even when I’m not in the same room. It vibrates, creating a Light that beams throughout my home!

This is the best way I can describe it in words, because no words can compare to the experience and the feeling it brings.

Thank you, Thank you! 

With Love,


Intuitively Designed, Tangible Harmony,  Vitality Enhancing....From my Heart.

Glass Sculpture  

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Care and Maintenance for Your Angel

There may come a point when your angel will need a bath. My suggestion is to use warm soapy water and an old toothbrush for general care. If angel needs a deeper clanse I recommend using liquid silver jewelry cleaner. The one i use is called Jewel Clean by Hagerty and you may purchase it from Ace Hardware. PS: Never take them in the ocean as it will tarnish them!