The Creation of Handmade Mens and Womens Gold and Silver Jewelry

My Creation Process is an Act of Intuition... my Studio set with objects I find Sacred, .. Crystals,  many plants and Various found wood from the land here in Sedona surround me,.. Memories from my time in other places I have lived,.. Peaceful music that sets the tone for my spools of the gold and silver wire I tools are simple ..a pair of needle nose pliers, side cutting pliers, a drill for hand spinning the wire, an of course my Intuitive Imagination,..

I Love making Art for two main Reasons,.  and both are important to me, The People that connect with what I create that helps them, and Also the space it puts me in,..Away from my thinking mind, a pure stream is how I would describe it. 

The Crystals and Glass that I make that I use for my come to me in a couple of ways, the glass of course I create a the Melting point Gallery here in town, and the Crystals I use are sourced from the many of the local shops, and occasionally are gifted to me! When I shop, I feel into what I see and the stones will stand out as I know these are the ones to use, the process is always guided, My work seems to be for specific people who resonate and will benefit from them. The Crystals have Frequencies, and combined with the coils and weaves of wire I create act as amplifiers to the vibrations of the stones.

After Selecting the crystal and back in my Studio, the Magic begins! After setting the tone in my studio, I sit with the stone until I see the first move, pure guidance and intuition, I set the stone in wire, enrobe  it if you will... then I look deeply again until I see what to do next, never once have I sketched out my designs, they come step by step thru my minds eye. In the beginning I would question sometimes what I saw, a move that seemed out of place for the composition, then I would hear the words "Trust"  I would make the move and then see that it was the right one to make after all...Amazed by this I no longer question what comes thru as I know its perfect and will be what the client needs...

 I feel the Amulets I create  deeply benefit the wearer in a couple of ways,.. Firstly they act as amplifiers of specific frequencies the wearer will use to assist them in there next steps in life or for specific reasons like protection or heart openings, and also they invite the person to there next level, sort of a bridge to there Higher self. I am deeply Grateful for this gift I have and wish to Thank the many who have supported my journey as An Artist,.

It is my heartfelt wish that I can be of service to you in ways that lift your Spirit and support you on your journey here...Bless your day!