Welcome to my Fantastical World of Art!

Hello my Friends I have so much to share... So I shall Begin!... My journey as a Professional Artist began In 2010 where I was Living in Northern California, Happy with my Life In my house and all I was accomplishing...my jewelry came unexpectedly... This path came about from the day I bought a Incredible pendant from a Local gallery .. Mesmerized, I was, by this pendant... Seven semi-precious stones set in an incredible organic silver Master piece! Wow... Looking back I can see how it shaped my life... The story goes.. I was called the next day to return the piece as it was belonging to someone else.. a mistake.. devastated I returned it.... That was the day ... My Turning Point... where I said I shall learn how to make these on my own... I self taught myself... then, amazed at the response I had from the Community - People were extremely supportive and amazed! .. I and at that point had a website put together and searched for a gallery that would Host my work... San Francisco, New York, Aspen Colorado, to name a few.. nothing was opening me until upon suggestion of a Friend, " try a metaphysical location as your work has so much Energy to it!",... I contacted a Gallery in Sedona AZ...... Andrea Smith Gallery took me in and I eventually moved there.... An Incredible Journey for sure... with so much more to add .. My aim and goal with this all is too Deepen own connection with Ourselves and add Beauty to this Precious World... Now, I shall begin to open all I have to offer in such a profound way ... that we can All see our Divine Potential... "thanks so much" John Farris